MetaVerse Asset Exchange

Get Rewarded in every Asset Exchange in the Metaverse

Helping MetaAX to add Liquidity, you will get rewarded with a share of the fees generated by trading in the Metaverse.

Add Liquidity

Binance is a popular exchange that has launched its own token, BNB.
You can now stake your BNB tokens and earn free MetaAX just by
holding your coins in the PancakeSwap exchange.


MetaAX is a Community Token

MetaAX rewards users for their contributions to the platform.

Users can earn tokens by simply holding the token.
The more you hold, the more reward your will receive from the Asset Exchange in the Metaverse.

Three simple functions are conducted during each transaction


3% of the transaction would be redistributed to all existing users.

Add Liquidity

1% of the transaction would be added to the liquidity pool.

Growth Fund

1% of the transaction would be contributed to the growth fund.

Community Tokens for the Digital Age

We’re turning the VR sector on its head, by applying the concept of community currencies to VR applications.

MetaVerse is a virtual universe and cryptocurrency based on the shared values of freedom, equality and self-governance. By having a cryptocurrency as our core concept, we’re able to build services and apps that truly give back to users who help grow the ecosystem and community. Each MetaAX holder receives a piece of the tokens minted in the system, rewarding everyone for their contributions in a gradual and sustainable way.


Early Joiners Get Best Rewards

In simple words, when you get the MetaAX token by using BNB as deposit, you get it at a very signficant discount rate. Also, some early bird offers will also be available for limited quantity, so you’d better hurry up!

Add Liquidity

Discover our Future Roadmap

Yes, it is free staking of MetaAX tokens.

Yes, the MetaAX will be listed on PanceSwap in regular price.

Yes, we will have a game in Steam – GameFi and the asset exchange in MetaVerse will be available soon.

Investors can get a reward for every transaction and those who missed the private sale may still get a discount on the token price.

Game finance

Get Paid when People Play

If you own MetaAX, you will receive a small amount of MetaAX each time someone plays a game on the Metaverse platform. The more MetaAX you own, the more MetaAX you can receive.

MetaAX Partners with Game Makers of Steam®

MetaAX will be a decentralized platform for application of blockchain to trade and exchange digital assets. MetaAX will create the first profit sharing chain of games trading assets, where digital game items and characters can be sold, exchanged or transferred.

  • It is decentralized, transparent and fair, also have a lot of space for developers to customize their own games in a wide variety of ways, without any prior blockchain knowledge.
  • Building on MetaAX, you can play your favorite games not only in the real world but also in the blockchain world too.
  • We already found some of those early adopters inside gaming industry want to build their own game based on MetaAX.
Coming Soon

Questions and Answers

Listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

What is Redistribution?

MetaAX is a community token that allow everyone in the communiction to share the profit. In every transaction of MetaAX, half of the transaction fee will be shared by the whole community, which is the machanism of redistribution. The rest of the transaction fee would be contribute into the liquidity pool in PancakeSwap and the growth fund.

What is Add Liquidity?

"Liquidity" is central to how PancakeSwap's Exchange works. You can add liquidity for BNB and MetaAX token pair by staking both through the PancakeSwap Liquidity page. In return for adding liquidity, you'll receive trading fees for that pair, and receive LP Tokens you can stake in Farms to earn CAKE rewards!

What is the benefit of joining early?

In every successful cryptocurrency investment, the first people to join reap the greatest rewards. We provide a limited amount of free MetaAX tokens so that you can monetize your own BNB tokens through adding liquidity and earn LP tokens provided by PancakeSwap, as well as transaction fees.

What is PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange for swapping BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is the #1 automated market maker and yield farm on the BSC. An automated market maker is essentially a protocol that automatically prices assets based on the available liquidity of a trading pair.

What is LP token?

As an example, if you deposited MetaAX and BNB into a Liquidity Pool, you'd receive MetaAX-BNB LP tokens. The number of LP tokens you receive represents your portion of the MetaAX-BNB Liquidity Pool. You can also redeem your funds by removing your liquidity.

Why we need a decentralized Game Finance?

Games and entertainment represent a fast growing market, worth over $100 billion. Games have been the most popular applications for blockchain. MetaAX has been developed to share profits with its community in order to address some of the issues faced by blockchain gaming.

The MetaAX Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Redistribution, LP Acquisition, Re-contribution to Ecosystem Growth Fund.

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